Delkom JSC was founded by Baki ÇOPUR in Ankara in 1985; working on mine, tunnel, road construction, etc. Sectores. Delkom JSC is a company which provides spare parts and services for hydraulic rock drilling machines and drifters used in the above sectors. Delkom A.Ş., which aims to provide quality service to every area invested. With 30 years of experience, about 60 employees, dynamic and experienced staff, solid financial resources, high-quality services in the global economy of the 21st century, and synergy created by Delkom JSC, it represents the Rock drill machine spare parts industry with international standards.
Delkom JSC, it represents the Rock drill machine spare parts industry with international standards. Delkom supplies and exports Jumbo and surface rock drilling machine spare parts and hydraulic drifter alternative spare parts. Besides, it also supplies original spare parts depending on the demands. Delkom's scale includes equivalent Epiroc, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Montabert, Jumbo, Furukawa equivalent products. Delkom, who is proud to export more than 85 in 5 continents of the world, states that its only goal is customer satisfaction and quality.


You can rely on Delkom to understand the spare parts and maintenance needs of your mining machines and to get answers with fast solutions. It is our top priority to ensure that your equipment runs smoothly and long-lasting with our expert spare parts manufacturer team.
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And you can choose us with confidence knowing that we are committed to reliability, quality in everything we do. We aim to be a collaborative partner that keeps its promises rather than a manufacturer. We offer the performance you need to maximize productivity every day and the technology you need to compete in the future.

From Delkom Workshops;
Surface and Underground Machine Maintenance.
From Delkom Factories; Underground Rock Drill Machine Spare Parts.

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Delkom is the world-leading company in mining equipment and your durable business partner in natural resources industries. With the latest technology, Delkom manufactures alternative spare parts for rock drilling machines, and hydraulic drifters also provides high-tech services and drilling tools. Delkom was established in Turkey. Exports to more than 85 countries and has an experienced team that can instantly respond to the demands of its customers with Delkom’s wide stock capacity.
Underground Loader and Trucks


Delkom Rock Drill
Delkom; manufactures and exports; following alternative spare parts for machines such as underground jumbos such as Axera 6, DD320S, DL432İ, DU411, DS511, DB311, DT820, MINIMATIC 205, MONOMATIC 105, SOLO 5, surface drill rigs as COMMANDO 300, CHA 560, DI550, DP1100, DX800, PANTERA 1500, RANGER 700, TITON 200, POWERTRAK CHA 1100C, ZOOMTRAK DHA 600S, TIGER DG810, DINO DC410R, LEOPARD DI650i, TRIMMER DQ240R also hydraulic drifters in its factories.

Its product range contains spare parts for equivalent Epiroc, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Montabert, and Furukawa and also their drifter spare parts, hydraulic motor and pumps, compressor, filter, gearbox, transmissions reductor, Diesel engines, crawler track units, and electrical components. Delkom has stock for approximately 10.000 units of spare parts, Delkom also deals with machine Maintenance and repair for its Customer according to their demands with its expert team.

Delkom manufactures all spare parts of Jumbo machines in original quality with a wide production line in its highly-equipped factory.
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